Sacrificing Starlight

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Time’s running out for DCI Hunter.


His wife and child are missing, perhaps even dead.

Unable to pursue those responsible he’s transferred to the wild landscape of Cornwall

where another child has disappeared. 


Alice Trevelyan’s father has his own agenda

and wants retribution for the loss of his little girl

and metes out his own violent justice.


Will Trevelyan help or hinder?


Hunter has to make his move if he wants to save Starlight.


But can anyone in this remote location

be trusted?



I first visited Cornwall during school holidays and then in 1983 got a job just outside Tintagel. While the picture postcards show sunny beaches and pretty towns and villages snuggled in between the moors, the arrival of the autumn storms makes you aware of how brutal and unforgiving the landscape can be. There is nothing crueller than the wild seas off the coast of Cornwall – nor nothing more beautiful. I hope I have captured that in my first book, Sacrificing Starlight.


The villains are people most of us might trust. They have respected positions in the community. They are wherever children can be found. As children we are taught to trust adults, from the nice old lollipop man who helps us cross the street to teachers, clerics, policemen, lawyers, judges. They have to be caught. There is no greater crime than destroying a child; body and soul.


Hunter, the main character, trusts no-one – everyone’s a suspect. Is he right to do that? We cannot live without trust, but what happens when all trust is gone?


I spent one wonderful year in Cornwall, which became the setting for Sacrificing Starlight, but in reality organised and systematic child abuse could happen anywhere…


Cover design by Jessica Bell

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