Cuba February, 2017. We did a bike tour. Only Germans do things like that. 30-34°C, headwind, heat reflecting from the tarmac, more potholes than roads. And 14 from 17 people got Delhi Belly. The hygiene standards in the hotels put me off eating. I ate toast and bananas for breakfast and only stuff that was grilled with a flame thrower for the rest of the time. And escaped the bugs. I got most of my calories from Rum. Havana was OK. Like a fifties Hollywood set. The façade is there but one street behind the set everything is crumbling. And of course the association with Hemingway. Mojitos in La Bodeguita Del Medio. Fifty years of zero investment and since the breakdown of the eastern European complex, no customers for sugar cane anymore. And the oldtimers of course. Exhaust fumes you can chew. Lots of Amis and all-inclusive hotels with top drawer prices and bottom drawer guests. The farther east you get the poorer the people. The area at the extreme eastern point of the island where the hurricane hit is still largely devastated. I took T shirts for the adults and coloured pencils for the children. It’s heart-breaking to see how little these kids have and just how limited there chances are.

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The Scribbling Sea Serpent

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I was born in Scotland but grew up in rural Devon. Coming from a long line of seafarers I succumbed to the ocean’s call, studying Geology and then Oceanography at University, and pursuing a career as a Marine scientist.

But the sea isn’t the only thing in my blood and inevitably I was drawn to the written word. I have had a number of science fiction short stories published in various anthologies and magazines. Follow the links on the Short Stories page for more information, and even, in the case of some of the stories I've had published online - directly to the story itself. 

But my passion for science and the sea is never very far away and influences many of the themes I explore in my fiction.

My debut novel Red Rock, a YA Cli-Fi thriller is published by Curious Fox.

A collection of my short stories, The Scribbling Sea Serpent, is published by CFZ Publishing.

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