Brexit with Henry

Dogs would do it better!

*worried ears*

Is your kibble safe?


Order! Order!

Top dog Bark-Ow keeps on telling your hoomans to order but he can’t tell you if there’ll be any left; and then, when he’s decided whether the eyes or the nose have it he has it all unlocked so anyone can get at it.

You know what these politdogs are like.

Before you can say Jack Russel it’ll all be gone and charged to their expenses.

And the dancing lady with the fancy shoes has taken her eye off the sossidges.

They’ll disappear as fast as Smith’s cat with a Border terrier behind it.

There’s also an ugly rumour that some German pals are stockpiling essential goods.

We’d love you to stay in the pack but how can we help if you have to say goodbye?

Maybe we have to take matters into our own paws.

We could smuggle some steaks past the Border Police

Or should we call International Dogline?

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